Destination You Should See in Lombok Island

While you are deciding want to go somewhere to be your holiday destination, you should make a list where are the destination places you can visit. By knowing where you should go before holiday comes, it will make you can feel so easy in arranging your schedule well. As if you want to go to Lombok Island, you should know about the destination places that you can visit there. It will help you to decide what kind of destination places that you want.

Lombok is an island which means almost all of destination places are beaches, but we don’t talk about beaches, we will talk the other destination places that you can visit them. Even if Lombok has many famous beaches destination, you also should know there are plenty of destination places in Lombok Island that you can visit. The destination places are:

  1. Mount Rinjani. In this island, you will see the second highest volcano in Indonesia that you can see how beautiful and gorgeous it is. You can get the guidance in this destination place because many of tourists choose this place as one of their destinations. You can get see how perfect SegaraAnak which is such a Crater Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery around it.
  2. Hindu Temples and Mosques. You should know that many of societies here are Muslim, so you can find mosques easily. You also can see some Hindu temples in around Sengigi, Mataram or Cakranegara like PuraBatuBolong, Pura Narmada, PuraLingsar, PuraSuranadi, PuraGunung Sari and Pura Meru.
  3. If you want to see waterfalls, this island provides you some destination waterfalls with beautiful perfect green scenery such as JerukManis or BenangStokel, BenangKelambu, SendangGile or Tiu Kelep, and TuiTeja.
  4. Sasak Culture. If you want to see the culture of this island, you can visit the Sasak Village in near Kuta, Sade. Their culture is so fascinating and you will not miss it such as Sasak wedding parade which you can see on the weekends that will give your holiday is so perfect in seeing their wedding parade culture.
  5. Traditional Market. Every holiday, there must be culinary time for you. Your holiday will not be perfect if you haven’t tasted their local traditional foods which are provided in everywhere. The best place that you can choose in looking for traditional foods is traditional market in Ampenan. There are plenty of cheap and fresh traditional foods that you can pick than the other traditional markets. If you want to buy the stuffs like jewelry, clothes and other souvenirs, the Cakranegara Market will be your best market to visit.
  6. If you want to see the colonial style building of old Dutch, you can find it in Ampenan district area because you can see the Ampenan Old Town which offers you an old Dutch design.

There are 6 destination places in Lombok Island that you can see while going holiday in this island that will make your holiday perfect.