Some Destinations for Thrilling Adventures in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is awesome place to visit. This province offers a lot of great destinations for holiday. This can provide complete package with combination of cultural heritages, rich histories and awesome natural view. Related to its nature, of course there are some destinations for thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta. As for the first destination, travelers can visit Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. This is located in southern area of Yogyakarta, specifically in Bantul Regency. Gumuk pasir is actually a coastal sand dune. This is one of the biggest sand dune in the world. In this spot, it is not only about its beautiful view. For travelers who want to have thrilling experiences, they can try sand surfing. The landscape of the sand dune enables people to do surfing on the sands. This will be awesome experience to try.

Then, for other exploration, there are still many references of thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta. In this case, there is Pindul Cave. This is a special cave in Gunung Kidul. This place is located on the south-east part of Yogyakarta. This cave is different from other caves. It is because there is no land for exploring the cave, but there is river flowing inside the cave. Of course, it is dangerous to swim through the river while exploring the cave because of the dark cave and different depth of river. That is why the local people provides tube as the media to explore the whole area of the cave. There will be guide accompanying and telling the whole information about this exotic cave. The gigantic size of stalactites and stalagmites becomes other things to find. In the end of the cave, there is special spot where travelers can jump from the cliff and swim.

If it is still not enough, there are still other destinations for exploring thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta. Surely, these destinations will be great chances to get awesome and thrilling experience.

  • First, it is Timang Beach. This beach is different from other beach in Yogyakarta. It is because the beach offers special sensation of riding gondola to reach offshore rocky lands. This will boost someone’s adrenaline because of the awesome view, the waves and winds. This can be special experience and this will be a great challenge to try. Surely, this is not ordinary experience.
  • Then, there is also Sinden Beach. This is almost similar to the gondola in Timang Beach. However, this beach has no gondola, but a suspension bridge. The bridge connects the beach to the rocky island. travelers are challenged to walk across the bridge while the waves and wind of sea keep striking and make the bridge swinging. This is totally safe, but it requires great courage.
  • For adventure lovers who love exploring cave, there is also Jomblang Cave. This cave offers experiences of exploring natural cave with muddy and slippery lands. there is tunnel and travelers will explore through the tunnel. When it is getting deeper, the light will be lower, so they depend on the lighting. However, in the end of the tunnel, there are awesome spot where the roof of the cave pours awesome lighting. Some people imagine the lights as the lights of heaven. Of course, this is stunning spot and  it is great to take some pictures.