Motorhome Travel In Australia– What To Consider?

Travelling across Australia in a motorhome is a fantastic idea. This vast country has several areas that are remote and can give you the enjoyment of the serene splendour of the landscapes.

Australian motorhome vacation is not only a favorite choice of international travellers but also of the native Australians who love the motorhome and caravan circuit.

But if you want to enjoy the motorhome trip in a true sense, you need to do proper planning of itinerary and budget. Here are a few tips for making such a planning.

How will You Plan Your Itinerary?

Before even you get your motorhome in Australia or from overseas with the help of someone like Dazmac Logistics, it’s best to think on what you wish to see in Australia. Australia is a vast country with varying road conditions and climates.

You will find some stretches of road where you will find absolutely nothing for miles, no food, no water, no petrol stations, no mobile reception or no other services.

For this reason, many campervan rental companies don’t even allow their clients to take their campervans to these roads, and if you are permitted, you should be well prepared. Examples of these areas are Nullarbor Desert or Outback.

Along with the places to visit and their order, plan also the duration of the trip. Unlike Europe, where you just have to drive for a few hours and can arrive in a different country, in Australia you will drive for days from one city to the other.

It’s advisable to allow a longer time than you think you’ll require so as to remain free from the pressure of getting to the finish line.

Australian Weather

While choosing your route, it’s important to understand the Australian weather. Since the country is in the southern hemisphere, Australian winter is from June to August while summer is from December to February.

Some of the Australian states get snow in winter months, while in some other states winter is not necessarily cold. In the north, temperatures range from warm to hot throughout the year and in the south, summer can mean temperature crossing 50° C.

The best time to travel in Australia is the seasons of spring and autumn for their moderate conditions.

During these seasons there are no extreme climatic conditions, which include the extreme summer in the north when there are deadly tropical storms and impassable flooded roads and the snowy winter in the south.

To make things confusing further, Melbourne is famous for getting “four seasons in a day”, quite truly.

All in all, it’s advisable to research about the weather along your planned route so as to be prepared well. A great source of researching about Australian weather is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Choosing Your Vehicle

Motorhomes are typically equipped with all the basic comforts including beds, kitchen, sinks, toilet, shower and refrigerator.

Depending on the size you choose, some of these amenities may be absent. The size can be determined by number of people in your group, your destination, your budget and the comfort level you desire.

Rent or Buy?

The option of buying a vehicle is offered by many rental vehicle companies too, often with a buy-back guarantee. So, you don’t have to worry if the vehicle will always remain with you.

The amount of buy-back varies but is usually about 50% of the purchase price. You can always choose to sell privately but there is a peace of mind with the buy-back guarantee.

You also have the option of having an imported motorhome. Visit to know more.

So, if you want to make your motorhome camping in Australia successful, you’ll have to consider these points. Think on them and enjoy your Australian camping to your heart’s content.